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Our Products

Crew Tee

  • Soft, cool, breathable Supima cotton
  • Slim fit maximizes wicking performance
  • Long cut stays tucked in
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V-Neck Tee

  • For workout, under dress shirts and casual wear
  • Wear without deodorant to eliminate underarm stain
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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  • For workout, under dress shirts and casual wear
  • Two-ply wicking and absorbing panel
  • Smooth waistband. Slim fit under clothes
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Taking Cotton to The Next Level

Our dual-patented technology takes the comfort of cotton to a whole new level.

Now you can trust your t-shirt to keep you protected from embarrassing underarm sweat. NoTrace™ garments transfer moisture away from the body 20 times better than untreated cotton, or the leading brand synthetics. The patented fast-wick and quick dry technology keeps you cool, dry and confident.

Forgot your deodorant? Worried if you smell? Tired of yellow t-shirt stains? Put NoTrace patented odor absorbing nanotechnology to the test. The natural technology is imbedded in the fibers, so it lasts and lasts. Odors are not covered up, but are absorbed and released during regular washing.

So go ahead, take the NoTrace challenge - take off the jacket, put your hands behind your head and relax - you are in a high performance undergarment!

Superior Technology

  • Shields Clothing from Sweat and Odor
  • Transfers Moisture Away From the Skin
  • Keeps You Cool, Dry & Comfortable
  • Absorbs Body & Other Odors, up to a Week
  • Breathes Freely While Eliminating Odor
  • Made With US Cotton, By US Workers, In The USA
  • Highest Quality Cotton, Outstanding Workmanship

“This material is amazing - no odor, no sweat, no signs of wear or discoloration.”
-Scott, 40, Business Owner